Our Mission and Values

ECR doesn’t consider their Mission, Vision and Values’ as purely statements of intent, but as pillars of strength that hold the business and team together.


The main and most important priority at ECR is their clients, and so everything the team does is focused on achieving results and delivering, time after time, an outstanding and exclusive experience, whilst constantly maintaining first-rate customer service. And through this and the passion and exertion of the staff, ECR is rapidly becoming the consultancy of choice.

Our Mission

ECR aspires to be a dedicated, innovative and cutting-edge consultancy who goes above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service to their customers. Our aim is to provide an unrivaled, cost-effective and high-quality service to all our clients and candidates by creating a tailored, transparent experience, whilst encouraging honest feedback and continual improvement along the way.


Our level of experience and industry knowledge gives us the utmost expertise and confidence in our service. We approach every task with importance, dedication, attention to detail and insight, and it’s this attitude that has pushed us to the highest level.


We pride ourselves on operating a policy of total transparency to both parties, the client and candidate, throughout the entire process, whilst always maintaining the highest level of discretion and professionalism. We learn, listen and connect with our customers to ensure we fully understand and appreciate the need of each individual, so that we can deliver without having to compromise on time, budget or quality.

Our Values

When ECR was established in 2015, we outlined the core values that would inform, inspire and direct the work we do, and the way we do it. And since then, these core values underpin the business and its success, whilst shaping the culture of the company and defining who we are as a collective. They represent the standards under which all the staff at ECR work towards and continue to be a reference point for all aspects of our working relationships with colleagues, clients, candidates and suppliers alike. 


We understand that clients and candidates work with consultancies who they can trust. Our modus operandi means that from the initial engagement to the final delivery, our customers will receive the highest level of one-on-one service and will gain an honest and loyal rapport, and working relationship, with one of our expert consultants.


ECR's senior management and consultants all share one goal and focus; to be the very best. So with that and a bundle of talent, passion and respect thrown into the mix, we are the type of team you can trust, rely on and want to be a part of.