Clover Mini

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Run a smart business with a smart POS system

Ideal for mid-sized restaurants with a limited number of tables. Mini comes fully featured, in a more compact form: from seating to order management to payments.


How the Clover Mini will benefit your business

Make Dining Unforgettable

Guest seating, table-side service, and dynamic floor plans: Clover Mini does the heavy lifting and makes your work feel effortless.

Precision Ordering

Clover Mini makes taking and updating orders fast, simple, and accurate.

Designed for Restaurants

We built Clover Mini with the input of restaurants like yours. That makes our POS custom-built for your restaurant. Your menu. Your staff. Your floorplan.


Accept more payment types

Take all kinds of payments, from chip and pin, magnetic stripe, standard credit and debit cards to contactless payments, without additional equipment or software.


Simplify your Business

Clover Mini gives you everything you need to make running your business far less complicated and much more fun.


Safeguard your hard work

Help keep your information and your customer's details safe with built-in fraud protection and integrated multi layered security.


Increase customer loyalty

Set up a digital loyalty and rewards program to attract new business and keep customers coming back for more.


Turn data into information

Tap into valuable insights about your customers, what they buy and your business, so you can grow your business faster.


Access anywhere, anytime

Run your business on cloud-based software so you can access your information from any device.


If you'd like to learn more about the Clover Mini or you'd like to set up a meeting so we can demonstrate the new technology to you, then please fill in your contacts below and one of the ECR team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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